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Storage FAQ's

Q. Who has access to my unit?
     A. You provide your own lock, so you are the only one with access to your unit. Access is available 24 hrs. a day.
Q. Do I have to come to your office to sign a lease?
     A. Rental of a unit is done very quickly and efficiently over the telephone. Move in can take place immediately. We take the information, assign a unit, type the agreement and mail a rental agreement to you. Upon your receipt, you sign the agreement and return it with your first payment.


Q. How soon can I move my belongings in?
     A. Move in can take place immediately after you contact us and we assign you a unit.
Q. How long or short a time can I rent for?
     A. You can rent a unit as long as you would like, there is an available discount for a long term lease. There is no move in or service fee, however, we do have a minimum of 2 months.
Q. Can I access my unit in the winter?
     A. We maintain snow and ice removal for year round access.
Q. Do I need insurance for my belongings?
     A. Your Homeowners or Renters Insurance covers persons belongings. Our insurance is only for the buildings.
Q. How do I pay my rent?
     A. You can pay through the mail (check or money order) or over the phone with a credit/debit card. We can also set up auto pay on your card.
Q. Do you mail statements?
     A. To keep your payments affordable, we do not send statements. In the event you forget to pay or are late, a statement will be sent.
Q. Are your units rodent proof?
     A. We have tried to make the units as rodent proof as possible, however with all storage units rodents could come in when a door is open.
Q. How high are the units?
     A. Ceilings are a minimum of 7 feet high.
Q. How wide are the doors?
     A. All unit doors are 9 feet wide with the exception of our 5 foot wide units which have 4 foot wide doors.
Q. What is your privacy policy on releasing information?
     A. All information is confidential (except for police, fire officials and any representatives of government authority).
Q. Are commercial vehicles allowed?
     A. Our driveways are not designed or constructed for heavy trucks or semi-trucks.
Q. Are units dry?
     A. All of our units have raised concrete floors, however, we do recommend that you lay pallets or something on the floor as concrete can allow dampness to transfer to some items.
Q. What items am I not allowed to store in units?
     A. Hazardous or toxic materials are not allowed. by our Insurance Company.
For More Information:
Phone: 608-372-5755 or 800-432-5755
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